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SHOW 1 "Obeying the Voice of God" Pt1   SHOW 2 "Obeying the Voice of God" Pt2
SHOW 3 "Obeying the Voice of God" Pt3   SHOW 4 "Obeying the Voice of God" Pt4
SHOW 5 "Obeying the Voice of God" Pt5   SHOW 6 "The Power of Agreement" Pt1
SHOW 7 "The Power of Agreement" Pt2   SHOW 8 "The Name of Jesus" Pt1
SHOW 9 "The Name of Jesus" Pt2   SHOW 10 "Don't Stop, Keep Going" Pt1
  SHOW 11 "Don't Stop, Keep Going" Pt2   SHOW 12 "Don't Stop, Keep Going" Pt3
SHOW 13 "Don't Stop, Keep Going" Pt4   SHOW 14"God's Plan for Man - Manhood" Pt1
SHOW 15 "God's Plan for Man - Manhood" Pt2    SHOW 16"God's Plan for Man - Manhood" Pt3
 SHOW 17  "The Vine"   SHOW 18 "Self-Inflicted Ailments Pt1"
 SHOW 19 "Self-Inflicted Ailments Pt2"   SHOW 20 "Are You Hungry?" Pt1  
SHOW 21 "Are You Hungry?" Pt2   SHOW 22 "Are You Hungry?" Pt3
SHOW 23 "Are You Hungry?" Pt4   SHOW 24 "Are You Hungry?" Pt5
SHOW 25 "Perfected Love" Part 1    SHOW 26 "Perfected Love" Part 1a 








SHOW 1 "A Fruitful Believer" Pt1   SHOW 2 "A Fruitful Believer" Pt2
SHOW 3 "A Fruitful Believer" Pt3   SHOW 4 "A Fruitful Believer" Pt4
SHOW 5 "Patience to Win" Pt1   SHOW 6 "Patience to Win" Pt2
SHOW 7 "Patience to Win" Pt3   SHOW 8 "The Power of Two" Pt1
SHOW 9 "The Power of Two" Pt2   SHOW 10 "The Power of Two" Pt3
  SHOW 11 "The Power of Two" Pt4   SHOW 12 "Speak the Truth Only" Pt1
SHOW 13 "Speak the Truth Only" Pt2   SHOW 14 "Speak the Truth Only" Pt3
SHOW 15 "The Benefit Package" Pt1   SHOW 16 "The Benefit Package" Pt2
 SHOW 17 "Increasing Our Faith for Healing" Pt1   SHOW 18 "Increasing Our Faith for Healing" Pt2
 SHOW 19 "Increasing Our Faith for Healing" Pt3   SHOW 20 "Overcoming Feelings of Despair" Pt1
SHOW 21 "Overcoming Feelings of Despair" Pt2   SHOW 22 "Developing a Spirit of Excellence
SHOW 23 "Increasing Your Faith for GIVING" Pt1   SHOW 24 "Increasing Your Faith for GIVING" Pt2
SHOW 25 "Increasing Your Faith for GIVING" Pt3    SHOW 26 "Increasing Your Faith for GIVING" Pt4
 SHOW 27 "Increasing Your Faith for GIVING" Pt5   SHOW 28 "Giving Your Best" Pt1
SHOW 29 "Giving Your Best" Pt2     









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